Roxelana d'India - H36

A new couple of moorish heads has been born in the Crita kilns. Solimano and Roxelana d'India are proof of how the heads of Caltagirone can always renew themselves by looking at the world from Sicilian eyes.
They are from India, but which of the many? An exotic fruit which bears the name of the great Asian country but which in reality comes from the great American empires and which, with its sweetness and its 'armor' of thorns has become, over the centuries, one of the symbols of Sicily.
The Sicilian countryside is dotted with this succulent plant which grows luxuriantly adapting to all conditions and we, from the barren Sicilian lands, have collected the figs which, very colourful, paint the landscapes of our island, to make a crown on the heads of Solimano and Roxelana.
With the same calm that is needed to harvest the fruit, the prickly pears of our crowns are, with patience and attention, modeled one by one to crown Solimano and Roxelana with colorful ceramic fruits.
As always, the study of colors we carry out for each of our creations it is curious and experimental: it is the colors of Sicily that we look for, we try and bring into your homes.
Corallo di Sciacca, Verde Montalbano, Granata di Monforte, Sabbia Falconara and Bianco dei Peloritani, are a chromatic journey into the most fascinating island in the Mediterranean: Sicily.

We are Crita, we are Caltagirone, we are Sicily.