Mori di l'Amuri - H11

We have used our beautiful language to give a name to these moorish heads made in Crita and in Caltagirone. 'Amuri', as we say in our island to mean Love, is that feeling that moves beauty, dedication and passion. And this is the feeling that beats from our Mori di l'amuri!
Their colours, always selected with curiosity and the desire to experiment with new shades, are a hymn to this spirit that moves hearts. Because love knows no color limit.
Their very shape, which resembles a heart, is a tribute to Cupid. It is a thorny love like indian figs represented as a crownis on our moorish heads, but we know that their fruits are an earthly delight.
Entirely handmade in Caltagirone by our workers, they are a pair of mooriish heads that lack no detail. Whether they are to decorate the table, to insert a candle or for a special gift, they will perfectly express the strength and love of our Sicily.
Obviously as wedding favors they will be the perfect gift for your guests!

This ceramic product, entirely handmade in Caltagirone, can become a wedding favor, a corporate gift, a gift for your guests. Contact us at info@critaceramiche.com to request a quote with a special price