Roxelana Citrus

Solimano and Roxelana are our Moorish heads from Caltagirone. Anyone who knows Crita is aware that our Moors have names, stories, dreams and a charm that from the East, through the Mediterranean breeze, lead straight to Sicily. Solimano and Roxelana in Giardino are the expression of that skill that only the ceramics of Caltagirone are able to express. Inspired by the citrus gardens of Sicilian villas and embraced by a sumptuous citrus crown, the turbans of Suleiman and Roxelana become a triumph of plasticity and royalty. Oranges, lemons and leaves follow each other in a circle, decorating our Moors heads with the most beautiful crown possible. Crita's heads, as always, are colored with highly sought-after and innovative colors. Colors of Sicily that have the most contemporary vision of tones capable of making a home magical.