The artichoke, or, better called, Crita’s Caltagirone artichoke, are entirely handamade and handpainted by our master craftsmen. They are symbols of love and wealth; we offer them in two sizes: 10 cm - 15cm with the unique and refined colors of our collections.

This time we were committed to find and transform one of the symbols of our land into a ceramic sculpture: the artichoke. Plant that colors the countryside around Caltagirone with green and purple and enlivens the Sicilian Easter tables. No one had ever thought of giving shape to this beautiful vegetable. Finally, our master craftsmen finally, with a meticulous process that creates the 'petals' of our artichokes one by one, give life to these new Crita’s sculptures that makes the artichoke become a new element of Caltagirone ceramics. As always as colorful, as our Sicily is.